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As an end-to-end systems integrator, Canovate Electronics offers a range of data center solutions and products.
All of our data centers are modular, allowing you to add to your system as needs demand.


Micro and Mini Data Centers

Our Micro and Mini Data Centers focus on rapid deployment – going from planning to start-up in as little as four weeks. They are perfect for small to medium sized enterprise servers, branch offices, and edge computing – and can be scaled up to hundreds of modules for enterprise data center solutions.

Maxi Data Center

Our Maxi Data Centers are intended for larger businesses, and offer cold and hot aisle containment for maximum efficiency of densely packed servers. These modules enable professional cable management and are roofed with tempered glass, which allows for more ambient light. Practical solutions like this help our Maxi Data Center deliver energy savings of as much as 50%.


Mobile Data Center

Mobile data centers allow you to put your servers where you need them, when you need them there. They can be used for disaster relief, military-type operations, or to efficiently move large amounts of data to cloud storage. Our mobile data center containers provide a mobile, protected environment for servers and all of their systems.

Advanced Technology Products and Solutions

Fiber Optic Infrastructure

As an end-to-end solutions provider, Canovate Electronics offers last-mile telecommunications and 5G infrastructure solutions that bridge the distance from your Access Provider’s terminal node to your doorstep or desk. This includes outdoor and indoor termination boxes, cross connect cabinets, Network Access Point (NAP) and fiber termination closures, and everything else needed to bring 5G speeds to your home or business.

As a leader in the industry, Canovate Electronics has played a major role in bringing 5G speeds to its customers’ doors.

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Structured Cabling

Once DSL, cable internet, or 5G Fiber is at your curb, it still needs to be run through your building. Our structured cabling solutions – using best-practice and standardized cabling solutions, connecting hardware, and ductwork – bring the internet to where you need it.

Copper Solutions

Our copper structured cabling is an enhanced-performance cable, supporting Gigabit Ethernet and operating at bandwidths from 100 to 1000 MHZ. While copper cabling can’t offer the unlimited bandwidth and range of fiber solutions, it’s still the best way to deliver both power and data in one system, and is often the right choice for running data over short distances.

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Network and Server Racks and Cabinets

Data centers, servers, and networks are complex systems that are essential for almost every facet of a modern business. Because how and where these systems are stored plays a large role in their performance, Canovate Electronics is also a manufacturer of server racks and network cabinets.

Canovate Rack Cabinets consist of high-tech equipment designed for performance and quality.

Our Rack Cabinets offer “professional cable management” that simplifies both the initial setup process and the subsequent troubleshooting.

Protects your essential components against damage, dust and theft.

Our cabinets and racks allow for:

  • Professional cable management, easing both initial set-up and later troubleshooting
  • Controlled environment, dissipating heat away from energy-hungry components, and controlling humidity
  • Improved security and safety, protecting your essential components from damage, dust, and thef