Fiber optic technologies are a key component of the digital transformation and the move to 5G network technologies, and Canovate Electronics is a global, leading provider of fiber optic solutions.

4G and older technologies simply can’t keep up with the demands for bandwidth placed on them by modern platforms. In the old paradigm, a single cell tower covered 10-square miles or more of area. Today, that would be incapable of supplying the needs for all of the mobile phone calls, video streaming, chats, and devices trying to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT).

5G mobile and fiber optic technologies will allow for innovations that we can’t today foresee. Businesses and governments alike that invest in these systems early will be able to leapfrog over their competitors. 5G infrastructure will allow businesses and even economic sectors to be able to collaborate like never before, better meeting the needs of their society.

Optical fiber will be important in these innovations because only fiber allows for increased speeds without loss of signal (attenuation), is free from interference by electromagnetic sources, and has a nearly unlimited bandwidth potential. Canovate Electronics, as an end-to-end technology solutions provider, offers everything you need to bring 5G fiber optic technologies to your facility (FTTX).

This includes:

  • Optical Distribution Frame Solutions (ODF)
  • Fiber Tree Solutions
  • Last Mile Solutions
  • Fiber Patch Panels
  • Fiber Duct and Cabinet Solutions
  • Fiber Accessories

Our systems meet all applicable ANSI and ETSI standards, so that we know we’re meeting the needs of our global partners and clients.


Canovate Electronics offers a range of ODF systems, including ultra-high density and smart ODF modules. The ODF is where connections between communications facilities occur. ODF Systems:

  • Gelp manage and protect the cabling
  • Bring splicing, termination, adaptors, and connectors into a single unit
  • Are a crucial component of a robust fiber optic infrastructure

Canovate also has a line of high-density splitter modules, enabling the signal on a single fiber to be distributed as needed. Our ODF systems and fiber distribution models meet Telcordia GR-standards.


A fiber tree system includes the duct work, cabling, and all the connections necessary for an optical fiber installation. A single installation in a large office setting might include:

  • Outdoor or Indoor Distribution or Termination Boxes or Hubs
  • Riser Cable Termination Boxes
  • Indoor Fiber Distribution Terminals
  • Telecommunication Outlets
  • Ductwork
  • Cabling

Through its robust R&D program, Canovate Electronics has designed cutting-edge fiber tree solutions, to meet all the needs of a successful integration.


In many cases, as service providers upgrade to 5G technology, they only need to upgrade their systems to a termination node. This is called FTTN (Fiber to the Node). While this is an upgrade over DSL or cable internet, it still runs that “last mile” of coverage – from the node to the consumer – through the old copper-wire systems.

For businesses or consumers needing all the benefits that 5G technology has to offer, Canovate Electronics has FTTX (Fiber to the X) solutions, as well as FTTH (Fiber to the Home) solutions, through our selection of indoor and outdoor termination boxes and other solutions. This enables fiber to come where you need it – your building or basement, your business or home.


Canovate Electronics fiber optic patch panels provide professional cable management, easing the process of installation, upgrading, and later troubleshooting.

Patch panels enclose and organize the adapters, connectors, and splice trays of a fiber optic system. A well-organized system is crucial to an efficient integration and operation.


Protecting fiber optic cables is a large part of managing them effectively.

Canovate offers fiber optic ducts manufactured from halogen free, flame retardant plastics designed to meet ANSI, ETSI, and other specification requirements used throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia. It’s easily assembled, with panels that allow the fiber cables to be accessed or added to later.

Our cabinet solutions allow for high density fiber optic distribution and intelligent cable management, as well as protection from harsh environments, including the outdoors.


As an end-to-end technology solutions provider, Canovate Electronics also provides all of the accessories needed to make these systems run efficiently.

For fiber optic solutions, these include:

  • Fiber pigtails and patch cords
  • Adapters and connectors
  • Splice cassettes
  • Cable management solutions