Every business – and school, hospital, government agency, not-for-profit organization, and more – is an IT business.Whatever your industry or sector, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Everything (IoE) are changing every facet of the 20th century business model – including the allocation of labor, the distribution of knowledge, customer and client services, and more. At the heart of this digital transformation sit data centers. They store and organize the infrastructure – the servers, networking equipment, storage systems, and environmental controls – that has made digitalization nearly ubiquitous.


  • Operations can be streamlined
  • Costs can be lowered
  • Data can be analyzed and turned into actionable information
  • Customer and client experiences can be improved
  • Use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning can be maximized
  • Security, reliability, and scalability can all be increased

Businesses that embrace the role IT will play in their success will position themselves to plan for and invest in this critical infrastructure.

A data center can be the size of a 5’-tall filing cabinet, or big enough to fill a large warehouse. The demand placed on cloud computing has overburdened that system, leading to delays in user experience, and even to lost or stolen information. In response, many organizations are turning to enterprise data centers and colocations. Enterprise solutions are equipment that’s dedicated to a single organization. They wholly own all of the servers, air handlers, and networking equipment, which are usually on-site in a dedicated computer room. Colocations, on the other hand, are outsourced data centers. They serve multiple organizations, which each share in the cost of maintaining the system.


is paramount. Data centers house information that is integral to an organization’s operations, and they need to be protected from accidental damage as well as foul play. A well-designed system will include all the necessary security measures, including:

  • Surveillance systems
  • Biometric locks
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Multi-layered digital security, including firewalls, email filtering, and end-user protections

Canovate Electronics is a world -leading data center provider. We know how critical it is in this global economy to find data center solutions that are scalable, flexible,affordable, and future proof. Our designs focus on optimizing power and cooling efficiencies, and minimizing floor space, to provide powerful, efficient data center solutions.


Canovate’s mini data centers individually offer cooling up to 30kW, and are scalable to hundreds of units. They are appropriate for high density server needs exceeding 10kW, including container data centers, small clinics or hospitals, warehouses, or branch offices. They offer advanced power management, rapid deployment, and environmental monitoring.


With the decentralization of cloud computing, combined with the increasing need for even the smallest businesses to benefit as much as possible from digitalization, the demand for small, scalable data centers has grown.Canovate’s Micro Data Center is the perfect solution for controlling both CapEx and OpEx, while digitalizing operations. Racks, power distribution, cooling, fire suppression, and environmental monitoring are all included in these robust, efficient systems. Individual racks provide cooling up to 4kW. With the ability to scale these systems up to hundreds of units, they are among the most versatile data center solutions on the market.


Our maxi data center is a large-scale data center that offers cold & hot aisle containment, coupled with CRAC units for increased efficiency. They offer cooling up to 10kW per rack. With their scalable, modular design, they are appropriate for the needs of medium to large businesses.


Mobile data centers bring networking power to where you need it. They offer protection for server cabinets, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, fire control, and lighting. Mobile data centers can be deployed to emergency situations, such as disaster recovery or military operations. They can also be used to reduce costs to businesses needing to migrate vast amounts of data to cloud storage. Using traditional networking, a business might lift 1TB per day to the cloud. For large systems, this can mean months of operational issues and IT costs. Mobile data centers can store information at roughly 20-times the speed of traditional networking, reducing costs and labor, and getting your operations back to peak performance quickly.


As a data center company, Canovate also designs and manufactures the critical infrastructure data centers need to operate efficiently. Our cooling systems include in-row and side coolers, as well as chiller, CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner), and CRAH (Computer Room Air Handler) systems. We offer Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) that are modular, stand alone, and rack mountable, and power distribution panels that are shock safe and scalable. Our environmental monitoring systems ensure that temperature, air flow, vibration, humidity, and more, are all at peak operating levels. And we offer infrastructure management that includes cameras, control equipment, smart locks, and fire suppression.